HYDROQUINONE - Magic or Science?

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Hydroquinone is a crystalline compound used as a depigmentation or skin-lightening agent in skincare. It helps to lighten areas of darkened skin, such as hyperpigmentation, freckles, age spots, and melasma caused by acne, hormonal fluctuations, or injury to the skin. Hydroquinone is considered a primary topical ingredient for inhibiting melanin production because it reduces the skin's production of melanin which is responsible for skin color. It takes about four weeks on average for the ingredient to take effect. It may take several months of consistent use before you see full results.
 Hydroquinone can be combined with various ingredients such as Kojic Acid and vitamin C. NueTag Dark Spot Corrector additionally contains other ingredients that work effectively for Dark Spots and fight against hyperpigmentation. For example, Lactic Acid, which increases cell turnover and helps eliminate accumulated dead skin cells on the epidermis, and Salicylic Acid, which helps to purify and exfoliate, also can be found in NueTag Dark Spot Corrector.