About Us

Nuetag is a Beauty Company based in South Florida founded by a young woman who is an expert in the Beauty Industry. Gathering all the knowledge and experience over 20 years in Beauty, we perfectly understand the needs and expectations of every person. We offer only selected products based on high-quality ingredients and technology.

Our Values: Credibility, Ethics, excellence in customer service and satisfaction, sophistication with simplicity.

We are also deeply Pet Lovers, and Our Mission: is on helping dogs and cats survive at rescue shelters around the country and overseas. By donating to these welfare groups, NueTag is providing Emergent Medical Help, pounds of food, and health services to dogs or cats in need. For every Customer who purchases any of our Products, 10% of the purchase will directly go for a charity for the homeless dogs and cats around the country and overseas and it supports animal welfare. Help us to help our betrayed small friends to survive, and together we will bring more love and care to this world!