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Body & Clothing Tape

Body & Clothing Tape

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HOLDS CLOTHING STEADY - Fearless Sensitive Skin double-sided tape will hold your clothing and hemlines comfortably against your skin or undergarments to keep your outfit refined, classy, and elegant all day long. No more embarrassing slips, visible straps, or sagging necklines. Each strip is 1/2" wide X 3" long.

SAFE AND EASY TO USE - Our body tape for skin contains a special adhesive that does not cause irritation or rash and leaves no residue. It is transparent and washes off easily without leaving any glue marks. So just peel and stick!

FABRIC FRIENDLY - Stop ruining your clothing and fabrics with holes from metal pins! Unlike pins, our double-sided tape is invisible to everyone but you! There are no lumpy marks or lines that often appear with metal pins. Our adhesive is designed to not leave residue on your fabric after removal. PREMIUM QUALITY- Our Tape for women is super stretchy and transparent which can be applied to all skin colors and fabrics. The adhesive sticks firmly and cleans up easily. So dress confidently and be your best self every day

YOUR CLOTHES' BEST FRIEND- This tape was designed not to ruin your silky and delicate fabric. The double-sided sticky design keeps you completely comfortable all day long so no more awkward adjusting and gives your clothes a great fit every time

MOVE WITH CONFIDENCE - Professional women and super moms are always on the go! That's why our tape is built to hold up to movement and real-life use. No need to stand like a statue to maintain your perfect silhouette. Feel free and fearless in wedding dresses, prom gowns or stylish everyday attire.


How to use

1. Crack and Peel the pre-cut liner.

2. Apply tape to clean, dry, oil-free skin or fabric. Press firmly from the center outward.

3. Remove the remaining liner.

4. Secure clothing items to the tape.

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Customer Reviews

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they work

they work

Second order!

This is my second purchase. They are fantastic!

Very good

It works perfectly and is gentle on the skin.

Sticks to most

Lasts all day!